Crow (Featuring Dave Wagner)

Crow — Generation Two Featuring Dave Wagner


November 1979 : David Anthony (booking agent/promoter) had started talking with Dave Wagner (real name, Dave Waggoner) about the possibilities of getting Crow back on the road performing and recording.  He finally convinced Dave Wagner to give Crow another try.  The original line up of musicians was not available so the next alternative was to put together a group of solid musicians to back Dave up calling it Crow featuring Dave Wagner.

May 1980: David Anthony contacted Denny Johnson to put together a new back up group for Dave Wagner. The band line up became Robby Belleville on drums, John Richardson on lead guitar and vocals, Lonnie Knight on lead guitar and vocals, Denny Johnson on bass guitar and vocals.  Rehearsals and song writing began!

June-July 1980: Dave Marden was brought in on keyboards, sax, flute and vocals. Late June, Lonnie Knight left the band and was replaced by Jeff Christensen (Boday) on lead guitar and vocals.

September 1980: Jobs were coming in and recording was moving along.

February 1981: Because performing on stage gave the songs more excitement and a better feel than sitting in a recording studio the band decided to record Crow Live. Due to circumstances beyond their control this album was never released. Crow continued to tour throughout the Midwest including a seven state tour with April Wine (from Canada).

April 1981: Dave Marden leaves the band and Crow goes 5 piece

October 1981: Denny Johnson is replaced by Darryl Kolledge on Bass Guitar

December 1981: Final show was New Years Eve. Each band member decided to go their separate ways.

October 1982: Crow was encouraged to come up with an album and be featured at a K101 radio concert at the old Met Center in Bloomington Minnesota.  Dave Anthony, the band’s manager put up the money to finish the On The Run album that the band had worked on in 1981.  At this time Jeff Christensen was off touring with another band and Robby Belleville was battling cancer so the band had to replace them with Abe Booker on guitar, Mark Fisher on drums and Jim Potter on keyboards.  The show went well but did not keep the band together.

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K-101 Show at Minneapolis Auditorium-  October ??,  1980

Thumpers  in  Coon  Rapids,  MN

Opening  for  April  Wine  Midwest  Tour — Duluth, MN  May  17, 1981

Valley  Fair  Show in  Chaska,  MN  –  July  5,  1981

K-101  Show at Met Center  –  October  13,  1982

K-101  Show at Met Center – October  13,  1982 – BackStage  Photos


On The Run  vinyl LP

Someone b/w All For The Love of Money (yellow vinyl 7-inch single)

Someone – From the “On The Run” CD

[audio:|titles=3- Someone-Short-mp3]

All For The Love of Money – From the “On The Run” CD

[audio:|titles=All For The Love Of Money]



On The Run – From the “On The Run” CD

[audio:|titles=1- On The Run-Short-mp3]

I Wanna Heart – From the “On The Run” CD

[audio:|titles=2- I Wanna Heart-Short-mp3]


Evil Woman – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=1- Evil Woman-Live-Short-mp3]

Freedom Ryder – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=2- Freedom Ryder-Live-Short-mp3]

Rockit to The Moon – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=3- Rockit to the moon-Live-Short-mp3]

Oh Woman – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=4- Oh Woman-Live-Short-mp3]

Cottage Cheese – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=5- Cottage Cheese-Live-Short-mp3]

Gone, Gone, Gone – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=6- Gone Gone Gone-Live-Short-mp3]

Movin’ To The Music – From the Crow Live CD

[audio:|titles=7- Movin’ to the Music-SHORT-mp3]


Heartstealer – from The Studio CD


Set The Fire Free – from The Studio CD

[audio:|titles=Set The Fire Free-mp3]

To Hot To Hold – from The Studio CD

[audio:|titles=To Hot To Hold-mp3]

Come On– from The Studio CD

[audio:|titles=Come On-mp3]

Crossfire – from The Studio CD



Lookin’ For A Good Time – from the FTHC CD

[audio:|titles=Lookin’ for a Good Time-MP3]

Slow Down – from the FTHC CD

[audio:|titles=Slow Down-mp3]

Gimmie A Ride – from the FTHC CD

[audio:|titles=Gimmie a Ride-mp3]

Runnin’ From a Lady # 1 – Dave & Denny – from the FTHC CD

[audio:|titles=Runnin’ From a Lady-mp3-1]

Runnin’ From A Lady # 2 – from the FTHC CD

[audio:|titles=Runnin’ from a Lady]

Rock Tonight – from the FTHC CD

[audio:|titles=Rock Tonight-mp3]


Surrender – from Yellow Sub ONE CD Peak 16005


On The Run – from Yellow Sub ONE CD Peak 16005

[audio:|titles=On The Run]


Jessie’s Girl – from The Yellow Covers CD

[audio:|titles=Jessie’s Girl-mp3]

Under The Boulevard Lights – from The Yellow Covers CD

[audio:|titles=Under The Boulevard Lights-mp3]

Betty Lou – (Whole Song) from The Yellow Covers CD

[audio:|titles=Betty Lou-mp3]

You Maybe Right – from The Yellow Covers CD

[audio:|titles=You Maybe Right-mp3]


Crow    Generation  2      1980  to  1982


Dave  Wagner (Waggoner)    Lead  Vocals         1980  to  1982  


The  Aardvarks

The  He – Too’s

Jokers  Wild

The  South  40


Jack  Daniels  Band

CROW featuring Dave  Wagner

Whiskey  River



Denny  Johnson       Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals     1980  to  1982 


Jokers  Wild

Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band






Denny  Johnson  Group


Gold  Dust



Grand  Avenue

CROW featuring Dave  Wagner

JT  Silverstar


The  Bowery  Boys

The  Dick  Tracy  Band


John  Richardson       Lead  Guitar  /   Vocals       1980  to  1982


Knights  of  Day

Cold  Steel

Wild  Kingdom

Jerome  Nalla

Apricot  Brandy




Strait  Up

Jeffery  BC






CROW featuring Dave  Wagner

The  Ryder  Band

Silver  Rose

Dick  Tracy

Big  City


Common  Ground




Lonnie  Knight         Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals          1980  June  &  July


The  Castaways

The  Rave – ons

Jokers  Wild

The  Litter

Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band

Lonnie Knight  Solo

City  Mouse

Chad Mitchell  and Friends

The Knight  Henley  Band

Cowboy  Angels

Crow featuring Dave  Wagner


Wild  Horses

The  Neilsen – White  Band


Cocktail  Stevie & the Table  Rockers

Michael  Johnson  and  Friends

The  Lonnie  Knight  Band

The  Hoopsnakes

Blues  West  House  Band

Inn  Kahoots  House  Band

Lonnie  Knight  &  Big  Shoes

R nt  Solo

Lonnie  Knight  &  Reid  Papke

Knight – Papke – Sansby – Haberman


Robby  Belleville          Drums           1980  to  1981 









Take  Four

You  Got  It



Steve  Clifford  Trio

CROW featuring Dave  Wagner

JT  Silverstar


Dave “ Buzzy “ Marden           Keyboards  /  Sax  /  Flute  /   Vocals      1980  to  1981 




Tommy  Wiggins  Band

CROW featuring Dave  Wagner


Jeff  “ Boday “ Christensen         Lead  Guitar  /   Vocals         1980  to  1981


Hanisch  and  the  Henchmen 

Jeff  and  the  Jaguars

The  Morshanes

Jessie  Brady

Jenny  Thorton  Duo


Frankie  Busch  Deluxe

Off  the  Record

Alter  Boys



Cube  Z

Tommy  Wiggins  Band

CROW featuring Dave  Wagner

North  Coast

One  World

Boday  Quartet




Where are they now?

Crow   Featuring  Dave  Wagner       Where  Are  They  Now  ?  

Crow  1980  to  1982


Dave  Waggoner            Lead  Vocals

Active  in  Music            Yes

Doing  What  ?…….   Lead  Singer  for  Crow  and  Touring


John  Richardson          Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music              Yes

Doing  What  ?………   Playing  in  The  Band  Monarch


Denny  Johnson             Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music             Yes

Doing  What  ?………   Studio  Session  Work  –  Re-Mastering  –   Band Histories


Robby  Belleville            Drums

Active  in  Music             No

Doing  What  ?……..   Passed  Away  in  1983


Dave  “Buzzy” Marden           Keyboards  /  Sax  /  Flute  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                         Yes

Doing  What  ?……………   Jobbing  for  Different  Groups


Jeff  “Boday” Christensen     Lead  Guitar  /   Vocals

Active  in  Music                          Yes

Doing  What  ?…………….   Solo  Music  Career


Lonnie  Knight                             Lead  Guitar

Active  in  Music                          Yes

Doing  What  ?……………     Solo  Music  Career



Sorry but the Audio track has audio noise the first 5 1/2 minutes of interview

This interview was done in October 1980 with Jimmy Nervous at KDWB Radio station for the Nervous Breakdown Program…….Enjoy

Part One – Time = 17:44

[audio:|titles=Interview Part-ONE]

Part  TWO – Time = 16:39

[audio:|titles=Interview Part-TWO]