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Winterwood 1973-1975

Early 1973:  Local band West plays at the Bonanza Club in Coon Rapids.  In the band are Bill Jordan on guitar and vocals and Gary Erickson on drums and vocals.

August, 1973: Bill Jordan plays a job at Dirty Flo’s Bar in downtown Minneapolis (24 Hennepin Avenue) with a few local musicians.  During the night the owner (Flo) approaches Bill and inquires if he has a band and if they would like to play at the bar. Bill tells Flo he has a band and they could play the bar in the near future.

Bill gets drummer Gary Erickson from West and John Thompson sits in with the band for a few songs one night at Flo’s.  The three decide to form a band and Bill comes up with the name Winterwood, the name of a song by Don McLean.  After playing at the bar for about three weeks the group decides to add a bass player to their lineup. Bill decides to contact Denny Johnson, as he had played with Denny in Jokers Wild.

The new band lineup is: Bill Jordan on lead guitar and vocals; John Thompson on rhythm guitar and vocals; Denny Johnson on bass guitar and vocals; and Gary Erickson on drums and vocals.

In addition to Dirty Flo’s, the band plays a number of local venues including: Hidden Haven, the Strawhouse, the Bonanza Club, the Frontier Club and numerous country clubs and VFW’s.  The band performs a wide variety of musical styles, covering Hank Williams to The Guess Who.  The band gains in popularity around town.

September, 1974: John Thompson graduates from Brown Institute and obtains a DJ job at a radio station in Defiance, Ohio. Gary Erickson decides to concentrate on a teaching career and to run his own business. With two members leaving the band, Winterwood version one comes to an end.

October, 1974: John Dahl, the owner of the Strawhouse, said he would book the band for the next year if they could come up with something that would fit the image of his club and draw a good crowd.

Denny contacts Bill Swanson who he worked with in Bullet and Bill joins the group on keyboards, guitar and vocals.  Bill Jordan contacted Lance Dunkirk who joins the group on drums and vocals.

Winterwood (version 2) has Bill Jordan on lead guitar and vocals; Bill Swanson on keyboards, guitar and vocals; Denny Johnson on bass guitar and vocals and Lance Dunkirk on drums and vocals.  This version of Winterwood does a wider variety of songs from country to Top-40 hits to R and B, including cover songs by Foghat and Grand Funk Railroad.  The band becomes the house band at the Strawhouse for the next year.

October, 1975:  Lance Dunkirk leaves the band to go to Loveland, Colorado. Bill Jordan and Bill Swanson decide to join local band Pony and Denny starts up a new band called Pecos with John Thompson, now back from his DJ job in Ohio.  Winterwood comes to an end.

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Band Reunion in July 2009 

Reunion at Sunrise Sound on July 21, 2011




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Fever – From Dirty Flo’s CD

[audio:|titles=10 Fever]

This Time You Gave Me a Mountian – Dirty Flo’s CD

[audio:|titles=07 This Time You Gave Me A Mountian]




Brandy – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027


Sundown – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027


Charmer – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027


Suspicous Minds – ( Whole Song ) – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027 

[audio:|titles=Suspicous Minds]

Waterfall – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027


Dancin’ in the Moonlight – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027

[audio:|titles=Dancin’ in the Moonlight]

Bluesy World – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027

[audio:|titles=Bluesy World] 

Mr. Soul – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027

[audio:|titles=Mr. Soul]

Green River – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027

[audio:|titles=Green River]

Suzy Q – Strawhouse  CD – Peak Records 16027

[audio:|titles=Suzy Q]


Brandy – Best of & More  CD – Peak Records 16082

[audio:|titles=01 Brandy]

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Best of & More  CD – Peak Records 16082

[audio:|titles=02 Can’t Help Falling in Love]

Charmer – Best of & More  CD – Peak Records 16082

[audio:|titles=03 Charmer]

Willie & The Hand Jive – Best of & More  CD – Peak Records 16082

[audio:|titles=04 Willie and The Hand Jive]

Green River / Suzie Q – Best of & More  CD – Peak Records 16082

[audio:|titles=11 Green River – Suzie Q]

 Tell Mama – Best of & More  CD – Peak Records 16082

[audio:|titles=Tell Mama]

I Can Help – Time  3:07  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=I Can Help]

Some  Kinda  Wonderful – Time  3:05  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=Some Kinda Wonderful]

I Ain’t  Got  No  Home – Time  3:40  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=I Ain’t Got No Home]

Good  Times – Time  3:04  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=Good Times]

Takin’  Care  of  Business – Time  4:49 Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=Taken’ Care Of Business]

Waterfall – Time  3:28  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032


Kung  Fu  Fighting – Time  4:42 Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=Kung Fu Fighting]

No  Sugar  Tonight  /  Mother  Natures  Son – Time  4:53 Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=No Sugar Tonight – Mother Natures Son]

Straight  Shootin’  Woman – Time  3:00  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032

[audio:|titles=Straight Shootin’ Woman]

Changes – Time  8:01  Group TWO CD – Peak Records 16032






Winterwood                                                        BAND  TREE     


Winterwood  1973  to  1976


Bill  Jordan          Lead  Guitar  /   Vocals           1973  to  1975


 The  Family  Band


 The  Blue  Lights

Jokers  Wild

Bonanza  House  Band

Chill  Hillman  Band

Georganne  Thorne  Band

Night  Train




The  Carolee  Band

Club  49  House  Band

Honky  Tonk  Hearts

Second  Generation

Swingin’  Country


John  Thompson           Rhythm  Guitar  /  Vocals           1973  to  1974



Big  John  with  J & B

Gold  Dust



JT  Silverstar

Thompson  &  Tolson

Honky  Tonk  Angels


Gary  “Lumpy”  Erickson        Drummer  /  Vocals             1973  to  1974  


The  Showmen                                                    

Hour  Glass



Big  John  with  J & B


Denny  Johnson            Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals          1973  to  1975 


Jokers  Wild

Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band






Denny  Johnson  Group


Gold  Dust



Grand  Avenue

Crow  featuring  Dave  Wagner

JT  Silverstar


The  Bowery  Boys

The  Dick  Tracy  Band


Bill  Swanson             Keyboards  /  Guitar  /  Vocals            1974  to  1975



Dick  Roby  & The Castaways                                                      

The Society

Bar  Sinister

High  Spirits








Chill  Hillman  Band

The  Phase

Groove  Cats

The  Checkers

Inside  Straight


Lance  Dunkirk          Drummer  /  Vocals           1974  to  1975


Bobby  and  The  Shy  Guys

The  Starliners




Where are they now?<

Winterwood                                Where  Are  They  Now  ?     


Winterwood  1973 – 1976                                              


Bill  Jordan                            Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                 YES

Doing  What  ?……….    Jobbing  in  Minnesota


John  “Big  John”  Thompson            Rhythm  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                                           YES

Doing  What  ?……………………..   Playing  with  The  Honky  Tonk  Angels


Gary  “Lumpy”  Erickson                    Drums  /  Vocals

 Active  in  Music                                        No

Doing  What  ?…………………….   Living  in  Minnesota


Denny  Johnson                                      Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                                      Yes

Doing  What  ?……… Studio  Session  Work  –  Re-Mastering  and   Band  History


Bill  Swanson                                              Keyboards  /   Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                                       Yes

Doing  What  ?……………………. Playing  with  Inside  Straight


Lance  Dunkirk                                        Drums  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                                       No

Doing  What  ?……………………. Living  in  Colorado



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